Hi my lovelies, been a while since I have posted my reason work, work, and yes more work. At least I can say that where I am a complete failure in the social part of my life, I am exceeding beyond expectations in my professional life…think promotion and payrise achieved. So unlike the majority of the UK spending their August bank holiday away from their … Continue reading SNIPPETS OF MY WEEKEND

Bioderma Shower & Lotion -Review

As someone who suffers from the type of skin that pretty much reacts to everything and anything. It was a godsend to find this brand on a trip to Dubai. Bioderma is a French skincare brand built on the ethos of protecting and working alongside the skin’s natural biology. In short, it adapts to even the most sensitive skin types without stripping it from its … Continue reading Bioderma Shower & Lotion -Review

Snippets Of My Weekend

Have you ever heard of the saying “I live for the Weekends” well I can say that the last few months thats been the case in our household. However, instead of being a time for going out, hitting up the restaurants and meeting friends and family. Its been more about catching up with sleep, laundry, general household chores and spending some quality time with each … Continue reading Snippets Of My Weekend