Favourite Five

It’s been a while since I updated my current favourite top 5’s. So as October comes to a close and we look forward to the final 2 months of the year (I mean where did it go).

Without further a do I share my favourites:

White Roses – there is something quite special about having a home that always has fresh flowers. I rotate between Peonies in the summer and Roses the rest of the time. This beautiful arrangement was a gift and they smelled as divine as they looked.

Adanola Leggings – Recommended by my fabulous neighbour these are a perfect dupe to the Lululemon leggings. Great selection, is reasonably priced and perfectly fitting.

The Clean Kilo – If you are looking for a more sustainable way to shop this place is for you. You just bring your own containers or buy them from the shop and fill them up.

Pause Cafe / Levain & Cherry – Two of my fav local small businesses Pause has the best Oat milk latte and is right opposite os the french bakery Levain and Cherry serving up all things carbs that include sourdough, baguette and focaccias.

Porridge – for the longest time I hated porridge but after watching lots of recipes on youtube I have discovered that when cooked right it can be the perfect comfort food for cold winter mornings.

What are your favourite items that have got you through the month? Please do share in the comments section.


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