Hi my lovelies, been a while since I have posted my reason work, work, and yes more work. At least I can say that where I am a complete failure in the social part of my life, I am exceeding beyond expectations in my professional life…think promotion and payrise achieved. So unlike the majority of the UK spending their August bank holiday away from their … Continue reading SNIPPETS OF MY WEEKEND

Snippets Of My Weekend

Have you ever heard of the saying “I live for the Weekends” well I can say that the last few months thats been the case in our household. However, instead of being a time for going out, hitting up the restaurants and meeting friends and family. Its been more about catching up with sleep, laundry, general household chores and spending some quality time with each … Continue reading Snippets Of My Weekend

7 Constant Reminders I Tell Myself Everyday

We are all currently living in such strange times, where everything seems to be so uncertain. So its important take time and acknowledge that it’s ok to feel crappy about things, it’s ok to miss being around loved ones, it’s ok to worry every time you step out your front door if you are going to get COVID-19 and its ok to wish someone else … Continue reading 7 Constant Reminders I Tell Myself Everyday

5 Podcasts That I’m Loving

Listening to music while I work has always helped me to concentrate. While having a Spotify subscription I came across podcasts and instantly became hooked. There is literally a podcast on anything and everything that you might find interesting. Its also a great way to get educated on things that you might not know much about e.g mental health etc Personally, after sifting through the … Continue reading 5 Podcasts That I’m Loving

5 Ways To Relax In The Comfort Of Your Home

I feel this year has been especially tough on my stress levels. There are just so many changes that have happened and all in a short space of time. Some have been good and some have been bad, overall I feel these changes will direct me on the right path for a better future. One of the biggest changes has been leaving London, a city … Continue reading 5 Ways To Relax In The Comfort Of Your Home