Medicine Bakery- Review

Finding a great brunch place is like finding a needle in a haystack, so when you do eventually find a good place you can’t quite believe your eyes or your tastebuds. Medicine Bakery has been a fail safe place for the perfect breakfast/brunch place. The menu is varied, prices are reasonable and the ambiance is relaxed yet polished. There are two branches in Birmingham City … Continue reading Medicine Bakery- Review

A very foodie trip to Edinburgh

I first visited Edinburgh back when I was at University and I don’t recall having extensive food experience. After all, I was on a Student budget. So this time when we made the plan to visit I ensured we experienced the best of what the city had to offer. BABA Lebanese restaurant serving Mezza, Grill and all things Arabian cuisine, located on the stylish Geroge … Continue reading A very foodie trip to Edinburgh


Hi my lovelies, been a while since I have posted my reason work, work, and yes more work. At least I can say that where I am a complete failure in the social part of my life, I am exceeding beyond expectations in my professional life…think promotion and payrise achieved. So unlike the majority of the UK spending their August bank holiday away from their … Continue reading SNIPPETS OF MY WEEKEND

Snippets Of My Weekend

Have you ever heard of the saying “I live for the Weekends” well I can say that the last few months thats been the case in our household. However, instead of being a time for going out, hitting up the restaurants and meeting friends and family. Its been more about catching up with sleep, laundry, general household chores and spending some quality time with each … Continue reading Snippets Of My Weekend

Yorks Cafe – Ikon Gallery

Recently I have to come to realistion that weekends are so precious, specifically if you have a jam packed week. One of the biggest reasons mon mari and I left London was that we were not really seeing much of each other due to work commitments. Now we have a solid routine on weekends – Saturday’s are for cooking, cleaning, genreal household errands and spending … Continue reading Yorks Cafe – Ikon Gallery