Favourite Five – Feb

February has bought with it a change in weather – finally we see the english version of what is called the sun, by that I mean that there is no actual heat coming off the thing but just more like someone has switched on the light. Either way I appreciate it as I am not built for the cold.

So without myself going off on too much of a rant about how I miss the sun sea and sand, let me share with you some of my favourite items of February:

PUKKA Feel New Tea

Since cutting back on coffee to decaf 3x a week and caffeine on Saturday’s only as a treat. Drinking herbal tea has been my go to. Now I am not going to lie, it took some getting used to not getting that caffeine hit first thing in the morning but I have noticed a vast difference in what used to be my 2pm energy slump. One of my fav tea’s is this Feel New which is the perfect balance of aniseed, fennel and cardamom, all flavours that not only leave a great sweet/savoury taste but awaken my senses.


A brand that is not available in the UK but was given as a gift from our dear friends who live in the US. For those of you have never heard of this brand they produce beauty products based on the ethos of clean beauty aka no unnecessary chemicals. This lip product has saved my lips from harsh winter temperatures and kept them super soft and hydrated.


I can categorically say that one of the reason why my husband and I have managed to keep COVID away from our household and ourselves is due to the fact we upped our lifestyle a little by eating wholesome, healthy clean food and made sure we were getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals. Leading a busy life sometimes one can forget to take the vitamin we need when we need it so in comes this wonderful organiser with 1 container for each day of the week + each container having two sides that I can allocate our daily supplement’s to.


After years of looking for the perfect eye makeup remover for sensitive skin, I have finally found it. Not only is this product tough on the most stubborn mascara but also gentle on my skin. I have had no reaction and can highly recommend it to those who suffer from skin issues like eczema, vitiligo etc.


I have been using this takeaway cup to have my tea in which has also helped with the illusion of me drinking my fav tall coconut milk, blond roast and hazelnut latte. The way I see it every little thing helps.

Have any of you tried the above products? Please do share in the comments section.


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