Medicine Bakery- Review

Finding a great brunch place is like finding a needle in a haystack, so when you do eventually find a good place you can’t quite believe your eyes or your tastebuds. Medicine Bakery has been a fail safe place for the perfect breakfast/brunch place. The menu is varied, prices are reasonable and the ambiance is relaxed yet polished. There are two branches in Birmingham City … Continue reading Medicine Bakery- Review

Snippets Of My Weekend

Have you ever heard of the saying “I live for the Weekends” well I can say that the last few months thats been the case in our household. However, instead of being a time for going out, hitting up the restaurants and meeting friends and family. Its been more about catching up with sleep, laundry, general household chores and spending some quality time with each … Continue reading Snippets Of My Weekend

The Lip Product That Has Everyone Asking

I am neither a lipstick nor a lip gloss kind of girl, I prefer both to be honest depending on the occasion and how I feel. However there are certain types of lip products I tend to sway closer towards, these vary between matt lipstick and glossies that leave a balm feel to your lips which I feel are perfect for everyday makeup looks. One … Continue reading The Lip Product That Has Everyone Asking

Why I Learnt To Give Myself An At Home Manicure.

I am someone who loves to change my nail colour a lot e.g twice a week. Now getting manicures especially a good quality one (the one where they actually are gentle yet effective on your cuticles are rare) can work out to be quite expensive. So over the years I have picked up a few skills that have helped me to give myself the perfect … Continue reading Why I Learnt To Give Myself An At Home Manicure.