Favourite Five – Dec

Is anyone else finding that 2020 has just flown by?

Personally, I cant wait to see the back of it. I mean it has not been easy with all this COVID19 crisis. I never thought in my lifetime I would ever experience such a thing. Its been both challenging and calming in a way to take a step back and appreciate basic things in life.

I’m part of the very few people here in the UK who has not been made furloughed or redundant and I count myself very lucky for that. However, it has been hard trying to create a balance between working work 4 days a week and the rest working from home. Trying to make a few healthy lifestyle choices have helped me to cope better e.g I now get Acupuncture done every two weeks. If you have not tried this and like me have a low pain threshold…don’t worry its the best thing to help you not only to relax but boost circulation in your body to promote blood flow.

Amongst this change I have also been loving the following 5 things that have bought me a sense of peace and calm.

Golden Milk

Golden Milk

Over the last couple of months I have been trying to ween myself off caffeine. So this has been my go to drink. Warm and comforting.

GF, DF Banana Bread

GF DF Banana Bread

The one thing that became the craze during lockdown- Banana Bread, I mean surely every one has made one right. I found a great gluten free and dairy free recipe from Annie Jeffrey.


Malvern Hills

Taking a walk on the weekends has become a new norm for all of us as we are not moving enough. For me I enjoy discovering new places to walk in.


Sushi – Takeaway

Sushi alongside my mum’s Chicken Biryani would be my last meal order.

Decaf Coffee

Decaf Coffee

Giving up coffee (Caffeine) is not an easy task and I am not one to go complete cold turkey. So part of weaning myself off is to first switch to decaf coffee.

Please do share what have you all been loving or hating during lockdown? Any new skills learnt? Any lifestyle changes?

Until next time stay safe and positive.

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