Sephora Charcoal Mask Stick

I will never for the life of me understand why we don’t have a Sephora here in the UK. I mean yes we have Boots and Superdrug, but there is something quite wonderful about walking down the different isles of Sephora to discover new skincare, makeup and haircare brands.

So when I travel I always try and see if there is a Sephora store. My most recent Sephora trip was in Portland, US.

Now I managed to purchase quite a few things that I will slowly and surely share with you all on the blog, but the item that stuck out the most was the mask that I purchased.

This is a charcoal mask to help smooth skin texture by exfoliating and detoxing. However what is unique is that this mask comes in a stick that you glide on directly on your skin. By far one of the least messiest ways of putting on a mask.

Now for the actual results of using the mask, I left it on for around 10 min and then washed it off in circular motions as this is a scrub mask. My skin felt smooth, fine lines were reduced and my pores were clear.

Now my only regret was that I had seen other mask sticks that for different skin types that I know I should have purchased but I didn’t.

So until I visit Sephora on my next trip away, I will have to make this mask last…aka keep it away from mon Mari.

What are your favourite Masks? Any recommendations for me to try out?

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