Why Social Detoxing Is Important.

We live in the social media age where most people lead a double life one that they project on social media platforms and one that they have in their everyday life.

I have always been in the school of portraying an honest projection of myself on social media and in real life. You might notice that a lot of my blog photos and Instagram posts are a little on the unfiltered side.

I find that in a world of unsaturated truth its very hard to find people that you honestly feel inspired by and feel realtable to.

Photo by Merakist on Unsplash

There are so many Instagram, twitter etc accounts that I used to follow, but over time I started finding myself having no common ground with them. So I started unfollowing and decided that every 6 months or so I would carry out a social detox of sorts whereby I would clean out my newsfeed.

On the flip side I started realising that I can also carry out the same practice in my real life and start moving away from people who are not a positive influence on my life.

Photo by Chang Duong on Unsplash

Remember people, its not about the quantity but the quality of friends you have. I am very selective with my friends and so it should be at the end of the day its in your power and control to pick the people you choose to be friends with. These said people should have your back, be your biggest fans and your biggest critics, they are meant to love you unconditionally and be fiercely loyal to you.

This all sounds all so intense but trust me when I say, when you find these people they will be your squad for life.

There are also people who come close to the mark, I had friends who I thought I would be in contact with for a lifetime but things happen, people change, sometimes your paths go in such separate ways that your friendship does not survive. In these cases its best to wish each other love and luck and move away.

Its always best to go with your instinct when it comes to friends and for that matter family too. If someone is negative towards you or is creating unnecessary drama let it be, walk away or as my older sister says “don’t feed into it” and surprisingly you feel a lot better and empowered for the fact that you got yourself out of that situation.

Above all these things have enough faith and respect in yourself to be able to make the right choices for your future.

I hope the above helped any of my readers who struggle with dealing these kinds of issues.

Remember, you deserve respect, love and kindness just as everyone else.


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