Natural Home Remedy For Sore Throat

“Winter Is Coming” cue the opening theme tune of Games of Thrones 🎶 🎶

Sorry that was too hard not to say, but as you all know that we are only a few weeks away from actual cold temperatures here in the UK ( if I’m being honest I think anything below 27 degrees is cold).

With the change in temperatures also comes a whole array of people getting a little sick with the common cold/flu.

Personally I have always relied on home remedies to help ease some of the symptoms of the cold. I just think its a more clean way of getting your body better.

After returning from a trip to LA I started feeling a little run down, for me I know I am about to get sick if my throat starts feeling sore.

So as I was suffering I had my mother in law who shared with me one of her home remedies and all I have to say is that it worked like magic. Which is why I think I should share this motherly wisdom with you all.


Note there are no specific amounts here all of the quantities depend on your preferences.

Cumin- A natural Anti-Inflammatory.

Cinnamon Sticks- A good bacterial killer

Cardamom- Great for mouth related symptoms e.g mouth ulcers, bad breath.

Black Peppercorns- Painkiller and help boost the absorption of nutrients.

Mint- My fav herb in the entire world and also jam-packed with benefits e.g help build up your immune system, Improves Mental Awareness and Focus.

Honey- A natural healer and perfect for coating a sore throat.

White Pepper- An Anti-Inflamatory and great at clearly toxins.


  • Boil some water in a pan and lower the heat. Take your ingredients and put into the water. Let this simmer on low heat for at least 10 to 15 min.
  • Separately you take a cup and put honey then a pinch of white pepper.
  • Take the water with herbs and spices off the stove and using a tea strainer pour into the cup.

I have found drinking this once/ twice on a daily basis for atleast 3 days helped with my throat. It not only cleared up my sore throat but stopped my cold in its early stages.

I hope me sharing the above remedy helped any of you. I am curious to know would any of my followers prefer me sharing some recipes?


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